About Me

I was conceived in Paris, born in Montreal and raised in Los Angeles till I was 17, where I moved back to Canada. I remained a West Coast girl by coming to Vancouver and was integrally involved in the Entertainment and Hospitality Industry. Soleiha

My life direction changed dramatically in 1998 as I was compelled to move and live in Calgary. In 2004, after having worked for the renowned Marriage Commissioner Nomi Whalen as her assistant for a number of years, I received my post as a Marriage Commissioner. I could not have planned this soul directed path. It has been a joyous creative journey since then.

Many couples have told with me they feel the energy of Love, serenity, beauty and leave with a greater clarity as to the vision and possibilities for their upcoming ceremony. What I surround myself with is what I hope I give to everyone in my life.

I will continue to write, create, and perform weddings for as long as body, breath, spirit and the government allows!